Connecticut couple suing teachers for allegedly indoctrinating daughters into cult

By Kyle Johnson,

A Connecticut couple are suing four current and former teachers at an Avon school and others over allegations that their three daughters were indoctrinated into a cult.

The parents, who are not named in the court documents, have filed a civil lawsuit against three Spanish teachers and a guidance counselor at Avon High School, as well as the school system and Wellesley College, which is in Massachusetts, reports The Associated Press. Two of their daughters currently attend the college.

In the complaint, the parents say their daughters suffered from complete changes to their personalities. They say all three became "flat and distant, reclusive, secretive, and non-communicative. They lost their humor and their empathy."

The lawsuit, which also doesn't name any of the daughters or the supposed cult, says that the older daughters were "indoctrinated into a religious cult that promotes martyrdom and celebrates death."

The reason Wellesley College is also a plaintiff, is that the parents say the two older daughters were allowed to stay in summer housing they shouldn't have normally been allowed to and the college allowed the Avon school teachers continued access to the girls.

According to CBS Local, the parents only figured out what the problem was after their youngest daughter "broke free."

The parents are seeking damages and that changes be made to the Avon school system. The school system says that this is the first time any allegations of a cult have ever been made at any of their schools.



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