Daily Wrap of All Things for May 21: 'Ninjago,' Angelina Jolie, and eBay

By Samantha Ravenscroft,

Here’s our daily wrap of all things for Wednesday, May 21:

The LEGO Movie will be seeing a spin off movie. Ninjago is based off the popular Lego ninja characters. The Lego ninjas already have their own TV show on Cartoon Network titled Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The movie is set for a fall release date of Sept. 23, 2016.

Angelina Jolie has spoken out about working moms, following comments from Gwyneth Paltrow that she has it harder than moms who work a 9-5 job.

Jolie on the other hand claims that she has more support and more resources at her disposal than other moms. She also said that women in her position “shouldn’t complain” because they have more financial support as well as other sources of support.

Cyber attacks are on the rise. The latest victim of these cyber attacks is eBay, which said that hackers compromised passwords and “non-financial data.” eBay has said that they have found no evidence of unauthorized activity but still are urging users to change their passwords. Emails will be sent out to inform users of the breach and urge them to change their passwords.



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