Dave Fraco will star in Sony's 'The Intern's Handbook'

By Kevin Kryah,

Dave Franco will star in Sony’s adaptation of the novel The Intern’s Handbook: A Thriller.

According to Vulture, this will be Franco’s first leading role. He’s previously shined in supporting roles in 21 Jump Street and Neighbors, the latter of which is still in theaters.

The plot of the novel, The Hollywood Reporter noted, centers on John Lago, who Franco will presumably play.

Lago is an employee of HR, Inc., a seemingly mild-mannered intern placement agency that’s really a front for a ring of assassins. These killers target important corporate executives and Lago is the best of assassin of them all. That is, until he learns that a female FBI agent is tasked with taking down the same target that he is.

Shane Kuhn wrote the novel and Oren Uziel, who worked on the Franco-featuring 22 Jump Street, will write the script. Empire reported Kuhn is planning to write sequels, which Sony and producer Neal Moritz may adapt into a franchise.



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