Derek Fisher not ready to discuss New York Knicks coaching job

By Ricky Yandoli,

Derek Fisher is not ready to discuss New York Knicks coaching job until the curtains close on the season for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Fisher is not ready to talk specifically about the New York Knicks head-coaching job. He is one of the names being floated around after Steve Kerr declined the position recently, opting to instead go to the Golden State Warriors.

Current president of the Knicks Phil Jackson plans on contacting Fisher when the NBA season is over and the veteran guard retires, according to New York Daily News. Jackson has won five championships with Fisher in Los Angeles. The two men last spoke when Jackson became the new Knicks president back in March.

Jason Kidd is the most recent example of a former player turned coach right after he retired. If Fisher decides to become the Knicks head coach he would be put in the same category as Kidd. As of this moment Fisher is playing basketball not thinking about coaching just yet.

"I literally have not given any thought. I've kept all my options open for years for that reason. I've been asked for more than a decade what I'm doing next," said Fisher, reported USA Today. "I think you have to want to do anything you decide to do that requires the type of time and effort that coaching requires. You go through your process at the appropriate time, and then you decide from there."



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