Director Marc Webb interested in Kraven The Hunter as possible 'Amazing Spider-Man 3' villain

By Kyle Johnson,

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 director Marc Webb recently revealed what villains he'd like to see grace the silver screen and his focus kept returning to Kraven The Hunter.

Comic Book interviewed Webb where he was asked about what Spider-Man villains he was most interested in seeing appear a future film. "Kraven," he immediately said.

"Kraven. I like the idea of Kraven. The Vulture. Ock. I always thought the idea of Mysterio was interesting. Maybe Scorpion. But really, Kraven I think is kind of interesting."

Now, while he didn't specify he would bring Kraven in for the next Amazing Spider-Man film, Webb would have to if he really was interested in seeing the character show up in a future movie since the future Sinister Six-based film will be directed by Drew Goddard and no one knows the characters for that film yet.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opened strong at the box office over the weekend with $92 million in domestic earnings, just about hitting early projections. The Sony superhero film has already done well worldwide, bringing its total cume to $370 million.



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