Discovery Channel star Bear Grylls accused of faking British show 'The Island'

By Gina DiFalco,

Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild star, Bear Grylls, has been accused of faking his survival show The Island on Britain’s Channel 4.

While the show is promoted to feature ordinary men testing their survival skills in the woods, it’s being reported that these “ordinary” men are actually wilderness experts. Grylls is also being accused of faking other aspects of the show – such as producers shipping in crocodiles and drinking water from a lined pool set up by producers.

Daily Mail reports some of the men competing on the show have worked with Grylls in the past, some as producers of previous shows.

However, the website for the show does state that producers altered the location for safety.

“Additional yucca plants were planted in order to supplement the existing supply,” the message reads. “Whilst the island had a natural freshwater source, this evaporates during the dry season so production lined and topped up the water source before filming. This ensured that there was enough fresh water on the island for the men to survive.”

A spokesman for the show also insists there was no trickery involved, saying Gryll’s opening statement on the show states that “trained crew are part of the experiment, living under exactly the same conditions as the other men.”

The Telegraph reports they did provide a pool of water for the men, as it was "lined with rubber to ensure the water did not evaporate."



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