Donald Sterling hands ownership of the Clippers over to his wife

By Angelica Stephens,

Donald Sterling, owner of the NBA's Los Angeles Clippers, has decided to hand over ownership of the team to his wife, Shelly Sterling, after his controversial racist remarks got him banned from league activities.

According to ABC News, Sterling has been banned from attending any NBA events after the offending racial remarks he made to his reported girlfriend , V. Stiviano, were leaked. In those remarks, Sterling demanded that Stiviano keep pictures of herself with anyone black off of social media and to not bring black people to basketball games.

On Monday, Sterling was charged by the NBA. He originally was going to fight to keep ownership of his team, but then backed down.

However, after some thought, Sterling decided that he should give the team over to his wife. The NBA claims that it will approve the change of ownership provided that Shelly sells the team and gives over all ownership rights, ESPN noted.

Shelly has said in recent interviews that she is outraged with Sterling’s assistant and doesn’t seem to want to sell the team.

“I think half of the team is mine and I will fight for it. I think what she stole from my half I will get back,” she told ABC News.

The NBA Board of Governors will hold a meeting on June 3 to decide the future of the franchise.

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