Donald Sterling’s wife Shelly to take over negotiating the sale of the Clippers

By Ricky Yandoli,

Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, has agreed to sign over the team to his wife Shelly Sterling. Sterling was banned from the NBA for life this past April after making racist remarks caught on audio. This sign-off, if approved by the NBA, will allow his wife Shelly to negotiate with the league the selling of the team.

According to ESPN, the only way the NBA would accept a sign-off is if Shelly Sterling sells the team in its totality. She currently has 50 percent interest in the Clippers, which she so far has not been willing to relinquish.

She has been fighting tooth and nail with the NBA since her husband's ban to keep her share of the team. However, the NBA does not want Shelly or Donald Sterling to be a part of the league anymore.

The NBA added that Sterling has hurt his reputation with Clippers fans with other forms of misconduct, reported by ABC News. Merchandising partners have also shed away from the team in light of this off-the-court saga.

Signing off the team to his wife will only be a short-term arrangement if the NBA has their way. The global sport is looking to do as much damage control as possible. The faster the Clippers are out of the Sterling’s control, the better for basketball to move on from this issue.



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