Drugs to help alcoholics rarely used, says study

By Amanda Stewart,

A new review has found that there are several drugs available to help people curb the desire to drink alcohol, however, researchers have found that these drugs are rarely prescribed.

This study was published in the journal of American Medical Association.

Alcoholism can cause damage to the brain, liver and other organs as well as decrease life expectancy.

Authors of the study said that drugs like Campral and Revia can be helpful to those who suffer from alcohol addiction, according to WebMD. The use of these drugs with counseling and groups like Alcoholics Anonymous could be beneficial.

"Most people with alcohol use disorders aren't getting any treatment, and only about 10 percent are getting a medication as part of their treatment," said lead researcher Dr. Daniel Jonas. There are various medications that are primarily used for things like controlling seizures or helping pain that can also help those who suffer from alcohol abuse.

Jonas, however, pointed out that all studies that showed that these drugs help also included other treatment, like counseling and groups.

George Koob, director of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse, according to The New York Times, said that these drugs are by no means “silver bullets,” but they may be able to help patients.

They have not yet discovered whether one drug is more or less effective than the other.



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