Edgar Wright returns to 'The Night Stalker' with Johnny Depp

By Will Ashton,

On Friday, film fans everywhere received a blow to the stomach when the news was released that director/co-writer Edgar Wright would no longer be directing Marvel's Ant-Man, a project he has been involved with since 2006. In addition to the questions being raised as to why he left the film and who would be taking his place, one of the questions became, "What would he do now instead?"

While not every question has been answered at this time, there is at least an answer to that last question, as Wright will now be returning back to his film adaptation of the TV show The Night Stalker with Johnny Depp for Disney.

Deadline got the scoop on Wright's change in plans. While Wright has been attached to the film for at least two years, most believed that this movie would not be made for at least a couple years, as at the time, Wright still had to finish The World's End and make Ant-Man. With the former finished and the other no longer a concern for him, however, this project apparently moved up the food chain.

Additionally, Deadline reports that the movie already has a script that is good and ready to go from D.V. DiVicentis (High Fidelity). The only thing that is now keep this movie from going is Depp, who is set to play the movie's main character, tabloid news reporter Darren McGavin.

As Depp is currently filming Black Mass for Scott Cooper, and is expected to film the Alice in Wonderland sequel Through the Looking Glass and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales sometime soon as well, it is unclear when this project can necessarily come together.

The Night Stalker is apparently being tailored as a PG-13 film "tailored to fit Disney's family film mandate," which is not surprising, if a little out of Wright's usual R-rated fare.

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