Emma Thompson and Nick Offerman joining ‘A Walk in the Woods’

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Emma Thompson and Nick Offerman will be joining the upcoming A Walk in the Woods. The film has already cast Robert Redford in the upcoming independent drama. Nick Nolte is also one of the main cast members.

Variety reported that the film went into production on Monday. Wildwood Enterprises and Route One Films are currently working on the film. The movie is being directed by Ken Kwapis, who worked on He's Just Not That Into You.

Along with acting in the film, Redford will be serving as one of the producers on the project. Redford obtained the movie rights in 2005 and since that time, the movie has been a work in progress. A number of directors have been attached at various points in the process, but it was decided that Kwapis could move forward.

A Walk in the Woods is an adaptation of Bill Bryson's novel. Bryson is known for being a travel writer.

Coming Soon added that the film was written by Academy Award winner Michael Arndt, who is known for his work on Little Miss Sunshine.



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