Facebook makes changes to its settings for new users to protect their privacy

By Angelica Stephens,

Facebook has recently decided to modify its settings for new users by making their posts automatically “friends only” instead of the previous “public” default setting.

According to USA Today , Mike Nowak, a product manager for Facebook, stated that new Facebook users often feel as though their profiles are too public. Facebook has heard their critiques and has decided to make adjustments.

Along with more user friendly settings for newbies, Facebook is also introducing the “privacy checkup feature” which allows users to check their current privacy settings so they can see who views their posts and easily make changes. The new feature will also allow users to see all of the apps they have granted access to their profile, according to Forbes .

Last month Facebook announced that it will be allowing users to use apps anonymously, which previously had complete access to all of the user’s profile information.

These changes are a great relief not only for new users, but for all users especially since privacy policies are becoming more black and white after polices in the past left users confused and concerned about their privacy.

Changes to Facebook will occur within the next month.



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