Facebook rumored to be in the process of launching a new app called Slingshot

By Elizabeth Learned,

Facebook is rumored to be developing a brand new app called Slingshot, which is supposed to rival the popular app Snapchat. After getting rid of the app Poke, they are trying a new video-messaging app.

According to PCWorld, a report by the Financial Times said the new app could be launched sometime this month. However, Facebook has reportedly made no comment on “reports based on rumors and speculation.”

Whereas Snapchat allows for its users to message others via a video or picture, which disappears after the receiver has viewed it, Slingshot would allow users to make video messages to one another.

The Financial Times also reportedly said the app has been in the process of being developed for a period of several months and Mark Zuckerberg was overseeing the app’s progress.

According to PC Mag, the video process is much like the app TapTalk, where you would select a profile picture of one of your friends in order to record and send them a quick video message.

However, it is unknown if the app will have similar features to TapTalk as well, such as allowing users to be able to retrieve the media they send or if they will only be able to take real time video or photos.

PC Mag also reported that Snapchat announced text-messaging services for the app and Yahoo bought an app called Blink, both of which occurred earlier this month.



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