'Faking It' Recap: 1.02 - 'Homecoming Out'

By Kelly Sarna,

It’s time for Homecoming for Hester High, but will Karma and Amy be crowned Homecoming Queens?

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This episode opens with Karma making out with her crush, Liam, in her bed. But mid-smooch in, Liam whispers, “What about your girlfriend?” Karma’s response: “I don’t have one.”

BEEP BEEP! An alarm clock sounds and Karma shuts it off. Before getting out of bed however, she moves in closer to the person sleeping next to her: Amy. Like with Karma and Liam, they kiss. Karma asks Amy if she wants to stop, which Amy responds with more lady kisses.

BEEP BEEP! Another alarm clock goes off: Amy’s. She throws the clock across the room (literally) and displays a shocked and very confused expression. Before she’s able to grasp why the heck she dreamed of kissing Karma, in walks wicked stepsister, Lauren. She’s rather point blank on her demands. It’s simple, Lauren wants Amy’s bigger bedroom, or she tells Amy’s mom about her “relationship” with Karma.

Things get even worse for Amy at the breakfast table when Amy has to listen to Lauren telling their parents about “the lesbians that are homecoming queens.”

“Marriage is one thing, but homecoming?” Amy’s Mom says.

At Karma’s, Amy begs her BFF once again to stop this ridiculous plan once and for all. But Karma refuses to go back to her no-name social status again.

“But I’m clearly not a lesbian!” Amy exclaims (Right).

Suddenly, Karma’s parents barge into her room and…surprise! They know about Amy and Karma’s relationship! Do they mind? Not at all, in fact they think it’s adorable.

Later at school, Shane is in charge of the dance, which he has renamed “Homecoming Out.” The premise? Same-sex dates get in free, but hetero couples pay $50 which will all be donated to The Trevor Project. Lauren is outraged by this and storms off like the two-dimensional Glee character Shane declares her as.

Karma tracks down Liam in his usual element: the art room. At first they just have casual small talk. Liam clarifies that Karma is clearly the “Portia” in the relationship, and Karma says she is in an open relationship. Liam's eyes light up at this and the two soon try to fix Karma’s “lesbians only” status (i.e., they try to have sex). Try, meaning someone walks in on them.

That night at Amy’s, Karma barges into Amy’s room and gushes about her secret affair with Liam. Amy isn’t as excited as Karma. Not to worry, Karma knows just how to fix this: a little stargazing with her glow in the dark star lights. Everything is lovely, until Amy’s mom, Farrah, opens the door and turns on the light (what’s with all these interruptions?). She’s taken aback by the two girls cuddling and holding hands in the dark (girls, you only have to “fake it” at school). Amy quickly changes the subject to their homecoming dates which are definitely boys. Farrah is so glad to hear this!

The boy Amy decides to bring? Shane, whom Farrah loves. Right before Amy leaves, her mom lets her know she’ll be covering the lesbian queens tonight at her school. Uh oh! Amy tries to puncture the news van’s tires, so her mom has no way of going. It’s then Amy gets a call from Karma saying that in a matter of minutes she will be a “woman,” by having sex with Liam. Amy just asks Karma if she’s sure (she is) and sends her well wishes.

Then, we find out Amy and Shane punctured the wrong tires and off Amy’s mom goes to her school. Amy’s response: a crap load of F-Bombs.

With Liam and Karma, he’s super stoked to be finally doing this (having sex with a lesbian). It doesn’t take long for Karma to realize that Liam isn’t interested in her, more the idea of being with what he thinks she is. She bolts out of the car and heads back to the dance.

Inside, Farrah has arrived and is trying to spot the queens. She sees Karma sporting her tiara and realizes she’s one of the homecoming lesbian queens. She says to Amy, it’s fine that Karma’s gay, though they can do with a few less sleepovers. Amy’s mom is curious as to who the girlfriend is. Amy decides to plop the crown on her head, hold her “girlfriend” by the waist and shout, “I’m right here, mother!” All her mom can do is mumble the word lesbians and freeze up. Since Amy’s “gayness” is out of the bag to her mom, the two crowned teens go off and dance.

On the dance floor, Amy asks how “it” went with Karma and Liam. Karma explains that she decided to wait and wants to do it with someone special whom she loves. Amy smiles brightly to herself at this news. It’s shattered though when Karma states that she’s going to make Liam fall in love with her. We end the episode with Amy’s sad puppy face.

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