'Faking It' Recap: 1.03: "We Shall Overcompensate"

By Kelly Sarna,

Protests are all the rage these days; at least for Hester High it is.

This episode opens up with Karma and Amy doing homework outside of school. Karma starts spouting out new lyrics to a song she’s working on. But before Amy can give her critique on said lyrics, Karma leans in and gives her a long kiss.

But the kiss loses it’s luster the second Karma whips out her phone and Instagrams it. She’s doing it to try and win Liam’s attention (more like arousal). Amy advises that she should just be herself and people will fall in love with her. Karma retorts that she’s been herself for fifteen years and the only one that’s fallen in love with her is Amy herself. Amy uncomfortably laughs and tries to play it cool and not let her feelings for her friend show (which is still unbeknownst to Karma). Karma’s also worried that Amy isn’t reaping the benefits of being a “lesbian couple” like Karma is. She suggests a secret boyfriend, which Amy agrees to.

Just as Amy and Karma are browsing their potential boy suitors, word gets out of a protest brought on by Skwerkle, a tech company that is trying to buy out the school.

Inside, the student population is outraged…including Liam. Karma takes note. She has a plan: Protest alongside him and BAM…instant attention. That would be perfect, if Soleli, a past “friend” of Liam’s (they have a “promance“: protest romance according to Shane), wasn’t standing in her way. This just means she has her work cut out for her.

Outside, Amy is about to approach a possible future-secret boyfriend when she runs smack dab into another boy, Oliver. The two chat and seem to have heaps in common! They both hate protests and well people for that matter. The conversation is cut short though, when he notices Karma off in the distance chaining herself to the school door.

“Honey, what are you doing?” Amy says to her “girlfriend” as she walks over to her. Karma’s response is because she’s trying to get Liam’s attention (of course). Liam however sees this, and while he admires her determination, she’s blocking the door (Soleli has vegan cupcakes). Karma takes it up a notch though by grabbing a bullhorn and declaring a school-wide hunger strike.
Everyone agrees, including Liam!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the students to become famished with food. This time Soleli offers up the idea: an open mic!

Meanwhile, Oliver and Amy are viewing the whole protests situation from the school surveillance room in which Oliver broke into. He enjoys watching the students in their “natural habitat”. Um okay?

In the cafeteria, the open mic has commenced! Soleli is onstage performing her spoken word which Liam is really taken with. This only makes Karma more infuriated. The second Soleli’s done, Karma pounces on the stage. It is at this moment where she sings in front of an audience…for the first time.

While she’s singing, Amy and Oliver and still in the surveillance room. Oliver confesses he’s had a crush on her for quite sometime. They are moments away from kissing, when Oliver spots Karma singing in the caf via one of the cameras. My girlfriend! Singing?! Amy (probably) thinks to herself. It doesn’t take long for her to high-tail it over there.

She sneaks into Karma’s performance and the two smile at one another. All is good and well, until Amy realizes who the song’s meant for: Liam. She sees Karma looking directly at him and her smile fades instantly. Shane notices this (as well as Liam and Karma’s eye-sex). As fast as she entered the cafeteria, she exited just as quickly.

After the song’s over, the door bursts open and it’s Lauren and her posse with boxes upon boxes of pizzas. It doesn’t take long before everyone caves for food. Hunger strike and the protest is OVER!

Later, Karma runs up to Amy at her locker and squeals about Liam some more. Amy can’t take it though and she starts spewing out jealous rage for Liam and Karma’s insanely possible relationship (unlike her crush on Karma). Karma doesn’t let Amy get to her. She doesn’t care if she likes Liam simply because he’s hot. She’s a “f-ing teenage girl” for crying out loud. As Karma leaves, Oliver walks up to Amy, pizza slice in hand. He doesn’t get a word in however. Amy grabs his face (forcing him to drop the pizza) and kisses him so hard he practically jumps.

That night, Shane enters Amy’s room. He’s going on about how there’s something between Liam and her girl, Karma. Amy puts a stop to it by saying she’s known all along. Shane immediately plays the “Karma’s a bisexual!” card and raving about how you can’t trust those bisexuals, but Amy cuts him off. It’s then she comes clean on everything. “Karma and I are faking being lesbians,” she explains to Shane. “Karma is. I’m not so sure.”
Shane simply pulls Amy in close, while she rests her head on his shoulder.
Oh the happy (and sad) tears.

Next week: Shane tries to help Amy deal with her “Karma problem”. New girlfriend perhaps?

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