'Faking It' Recap: 1.04 'Know Thy Selfie'

By Kelly Sarna,

In this episode of Faking It, Shane teaches Amy the art of flirting with lesbians and Karma deals with her parents at school!

It’s been over 12 hours since Amy and Karma have spoken, a new record for the girls. Karma is walking outside of Hester trying to get in contact but the call is going straight to voicemail. She doesn’t have much time to wallow about her friend’s absence though. Why? Her parents (and their juice truck) are on campus!

With Amy, she’s outside Hester too (and avoiding Karma’s many messages). Oliver approaches her and hands her an origami crane as a “let’s be friends” favor. All Amy does is look at it and bolt in the opposite direction.

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Meanwhile, Shane is merrily heading to school, when Amy blindsides him, nearly knocking him over. She needs his help! She explains that these feelings for Karma are killing her and the impromptu kiss with Oliver. She yells, “Why didn’t I feel anything?!” and how she must be a lesbian. From one gay to a possible gay, Shane agrees to help, mostly because he feels bad about outing her to the whole school, but also because he’s “dying to see how this plays out.”

Over at the juice truck, the second Karma’s parents see her they wave and yell for her. Humiliated, she runs and asks what they’re doing here. Simple, they want to see their daughter…and they could use the money (and her lesbian popularity could come in handy). After much thought, she lets them stay…as long as they aren’t embarrassing.

As Karma walks off, Liam makes his way towards her and compliments her on her singing yesterday. She ignores him and hurriedly walks away.

Off in the distance, Lauren is wearing an outfit that screams “funeral.” She sent a naked photo of herself to her football star boyfriend, so she expects it to be all over the school by now. Nope, turns out her main-squeeze respectfully deleted the photo. Awesome?

Later that day, Shane takes Amy to the well-known “lesbian coffee shop by day and gay boy dance club by night,” The Twain, hoping she’ll find a lesbian lover. Upon entering, Shane asks what type of girl she might be into, while they’re scoping the scene. He then lists the many kinds of lesbians pretty much the same way Janis Ian introduced Cady to the cliques in Mean Girls. “Okay, you got your lipsticks, sporties, your Kristen Stewart groupies, and yes even your butch.”

Amy tries to dabble in flirting with every girl there. Needless to say she fails. Some incidents include oddly winking at someone, asking a girl if she wanted to play doctor and yes…even uttering the words, “You wanna get out of here?”

It was so painful, instead of observing Amy, Shane started flirting with the barista!

Amy runs up to Shane to ask what she’s doing wrong. Shane gladly fills her in on the difference between gay males and gay ladies. Gay guys want hookups, while lesbians want to “bond, nest, and fall in love.” Amy wants that. Hearing that, Shane holds out his phone and declares there’s an app for that. It’s called, “Syzzr.”

In Amy’s room, Shane and Amy are trying to concoct the perfect online dating profile. But Shane takes one look at it and shakes his head. Amy wants someone to date her for her. According to Shane, that’s not how online dating works. A millisecond later however, she receives a message.

Back at school with Karma, she’s peeved her parents have taken a liking to Liam. This causes her to confess to her knowledge of the hookup between Liam and that Skwerkel lady she spied on. Liam sets things straight. “That Skwerkel lady” is his sister. Whoops.

It’s almost time for Amy’s date! Her outfit of choice? Heaps amount of flannel and vests. (A bit much don’t ya think?) Shane thinks so. After a few modifications she’s ready to go. Shane reminds her he’ll be right here and awaiting her return. While Amy’s heading to Twain, Shane catches Lauren in the act of another naked pic! He teaches her the art of taking a sexy photo WITH clothes!

On Amy’s date, things are going well. Amy is explaining Hester’s not-so-normal high school tendencies to Jasmine (her date) and all is grand. That is until Amy lunges at Jasmine and plants a kiss on her. Embarrassed, she leaves. Jasmine later joins Amy, where she spills her guts on Karma and her feelings for her. Jasmine can relate, in fact that’s why she’s here on this date in the first place. Jasmine assures Amy that things will work out in the end; just give it time.

Speaking of Karma, she manages to track down Liam in his art studio after the big blowup. She apologizes for the scene earlier. Liam fills Karma in on his parents. They own Skwerkel, are huge jerks and Liam wants nothing to do with them. Karma can relate. These days, all Karma’s parents can talk about is her sexual orientation. Because of this connection, they share yet another kiss. This time though, Liam backs away from it and leaves.

Home from her date, Amy walks into her room to see as promised Shane on her bed. She admits that she doesn’t want to meet another girl, or boy for that matter. She has to deal with her Karma feelings head on right now. Shane knows Amy’s orientation now: Karmasexual.

As if on cue, Amy’s phone rings. It’s Karma. Instead of ignoring it like she’s done the past few hours, she answers it. The two friends are speaking again just as the episode ends.

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