'Faking It' Recap: 1.05: "Remember the Croquembouche"

By Kelly Sarna,

In this episode of Faking It, Lauren and Amy play “nice” with each other, Liam and Shane go on the “hunt” and the word “croquembouche” is mentioned like fifty times.

After catching up and reconciling, both Karma and Amy are friends again! Karma in fact bursts in Amy’s room with a bag full of ice cream and movies and an idea. This weekend is a girls only event. The word “lesbians” or “Liam” won’t be mentioned; Karma even turns off her phone. There’s a slight hiccup to their plan: this weekend is also Amy’s Mom’s bridal shower.

As Amy heads down to the kitchen, she notices Farrah and Lauren making last minute bridal shower arrangements. While Amy has been busy with Karma (her Mom’s words), Lauren has been organizing the whole event. She even ordered a croquembouche, the hottest new dessert (yeah, I don’t know what it is either). Amy feels bad she didn’t help with any of the planning, her Mom knows of something both Lauren and Amy can do together. She insists tomorrow, Amy (and Karma) keep Lauren company while she drives to Dallas to pick up the croquembouche. Neither girl is happy, but Farrah says, “I’m the bride,” so the girls must do as told.

The following day, while Lauren is driving (with a peeved expression), Karma tries to break the tension by playing 20 questions.

Meanwhile back in Austin, Liam rings up Shane for some bonding and possibly go on a hunt…for lovers. Shane immediately accepts the idea, he’s down for a straight club. But Liam wants to hit up ‘The Twain.' There are bound to be heaps of straight girls for him, and of course plenty of strapping young lads for Shane.

At last, the girls have arrived at the bakery in Dallas! At first it appears closed. (Insert Lauren breakdown.) Karma and Amy exchange smiles and try not to burst out in laughter. But the laughter ceases when in her freak out mode, Lauren mentions that she’s the maid of honor and not Amy. Cue Amy’s sad puppy dog eyes.

Over at Twain, the dating scene for Shane doesn’t seem to be working nearly as well for him as Liam. All the guys are pompous jerks while Liam is sweeping their ditzy straight girls off their feet. With each failed guy, Shane sends a signal Liam’s way. It appears that the two are never going to find someone. But in walk…twins! Eureka!

The girls managed to get into the bakery and made it back in time for the bridal shower, croquembouche in hand. Of course, Lauren receives all the credit for the work and the jealously continues for Amy.

With Shane and Liam, they’re trying to smooth talk their way into each twin’s heart. Everything appears to be fine, except each twin can’t stop talking about how perfect the other one is. Shane is getting a weird vibe. Moments after, he sees the twins holding hands secretly and immediately understands. They put “incest is the best, put your brother to the test” to a whole new meaning.

At the Raudenfeld house, the shower is in full swing and so is the Lauren and Farrah bonding. Turns out, Lauren and Amy’s Mom went to Amy’s favorite restaurant without her and overall seem to have a better relationship then Amy will ever have with her. It’s all an act on Lauren’s part, right? After Lauren gives Amy’s, “something old” gift to Farrah, Amy can no longer take it. She yells out to the crowd that this is all an act on Lauren’s part and that she’s just using Farrah to get to her. To get back at Lauren, Amy destroys the croquembouche by “taking from the bottom." You know what destroyed food starts? FOOD FIGHT!

Things aren’t so great for Shane and Liam either. Not only is Shane and Liam still dealing with “Cathy and Chris Dollanganger," Shane spies the cops entering. Shane takes Liam’s hand without a second to lose and they high tails it out of there. (Favorite line of the night, courtesy of Shane: “You have to smell the flowers in her attic later, we’re leaving”).

A shower is definitely needed for Amy and Lauren after their croquembouche fight. “This isn’t gonna come out of my hair until I shower.” Lauren quips. Amy instantly inserts a “That’s what she said.” Tired of Amy’s antics, Lauren storms to her room. Upon doing so, she lets Amy in on a secret. Lauren actually likes Farrah; she’s the only best friend she has here (even though she’s much older). And the sympathy for Lauren starts…now?

Amy heads to her room to see Karma waiting for her. The two talk about what just happened, and Amy apologizes to Karma for the flubbed “girl’s weekend”. Karma doesn’t mind one bit. “I always have fun with you,” she says. She then goes into detail about how their lives could be in the future with their friendship still intact, never forgetting about that stupid croquembouche. In much better spirits, Amy lets Karma spill on all things Liam (we all know she was dying to say something!).

Speaking of Liam, Karma spots him at her house later, leaning on it exactly like Jake Ryan did in Sixteen Candles. He explains to her that he has integrity and while Karma maybe cool with an open relationship, he isn’t (for once). And as he kisses her on the forehead and is about to leave, Karma opens up her mouth and yells, “We could have a threesome.”

And we are left wondering if they will go through with ‘it‘…until next week.

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