Federal judge to rule on Oregon's gay marriage ban Monday

By Kyle Johnson,

A federal judge indicated on Friday that he will be prepared to rule on the constitutionality of Oregon's gay marriage ban on Monday, May 19.

U.S. District Judge Michael McShane announced that he would be issuing his decision by noon at Monday, reports The Associated Press. Four same-sex couples filed suit against the state over the constitutionality of its anti-gay marriage laws and Oregon's attorney general revealed she wouldn't back the law.

Oregon officials said that the state was prepared to begin issuing marriage licenses should McShane fall in line with every other judge who ruled on the constitutionality of gay marriage bans.

With state Attorney General Ellen F. Rosenblum opting not to argue in favor of keeping the law, it went undefended in court this week, reports The New York Times, despite one group stepping forward and asking for the chance.

The National Organization for Marriage filed a motion to be allowed to argue the case in court, but McShane waved them away saying the conservative group both filed too late and lacked the legal standing to enter the case.



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