'Flappy Bird' creator says game will return, will have multiplayer

By Kyle Johnson,

Popular mobile app Flappy Bird will reportedly make a return later this summer and will come with a new feature: multiplayer.

Creator Dong Nguyen spoke with CNBC's Kelly Evans and said that though the game won't be back any time soon, it will eventually be back and would feature a multiplayer option, the network revealed in a tweet. Evans then wrote on Twitter that Flappy Bird would be back sometime in August.

The game's return isn't too surprising after its abrupt removal a couple months ago and neither is the news it will be slightly altered. CNBC's Donna Burton said in a tweet that Nguyen plans to make the game less addictive than the original iteration. CNBC reported that he explained that he would prefer people spend their free time doing something more productive.

Back in February, when Nguyen had the game pulled, he claimed it was due to how addictive it was, saying that "was the main negative." He also wasn't comfortable with the notoriety that came with being the creator of the mobile game.

Nguyen also revealed to Evans that he had other apps he was working on, with one supposedly about "a guy jumping from building to building."



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