Florida Senate passes ‘Charlotte’s Web’ medical marijuana bill

By Michelle Kapusta,

After the Florida House voted 111-7 to pass a bill to legalize the use of low-THC marijuana on Thursday, the Florida Senate approved it on Friday.

The Associated Press reported that the Senate voted 30–9 for a bill known as "Charlotte’s Web." The bill will allow doctors to prescribe a strain of marijuana that contains low amounts of the THC chemical to patients with cancer and epilepsy.

Whether or not to legalize medical and recreational marijuana has been a hot-button topic for many states recently. In this case, Florida lawmakers may have been swayed after hearing stories from parents who are seeking treatment for their severely ill children.

CBS Miami noted that there are some restrictions on the Charlotte’s Web marijuana strain. The strain can have no more than 0.8 percent of THC and normal levels of CBD, which is used to treat seizures.

Also, only physicians who have been providing ongoing treatment to patients can prescribe it if other treatments are not effective.

Gov. Rick Scott said he will sign the bill into law.



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