Floyd Mayweather apologizes to T.I.'s wife, explains fight

By Kyle Johnson,

Boxer Floyd Mayweather has stepped forward to explain and apologize for the fight that he got into with rapper T.I. on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

As previously reported, the two got into a fight at a Vegas Fatburger restaurant, with video showing the boxer yelling at T.I. to "control your b-tch," referring to his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle.

Despite some thrown fists and chairs, only one person suffered an injury and it was an employee who refused medical attention.

As people began to talk over why the two got into the altercation in the first place, the boxer exclusively sat down with NecoleBitchie.com and explained the incident in Vegas.

He explained it all started with an Instagram photo, Tiny posted online posing with Mayweather and a bunch of other people and Mayweather said he guesses that T.I. wasn't a fan of the picture as days later the rapper approached him in New York about it.

Mayweather said he told T.I., "I'm letting you know I ain't got ... me and your wife don't have nothing ... if you think so."

Then the two ran into each other again on Saturday and T.I. insisted that the two still needed to talk. Mayweather said he told the rapper, "You need to get the f-ck outta my face. That's what you better do." The boxer noted that they exchanged more words and things got out of hand in the restaurant.

Mayweather said that after the whole incident he wanted to apologize to Tiny for his inappropriate comment he made towards her. "Only person I wanna apologize towards is Tiny. ... So I do apologize to Tiny because she cool people man. She cool. She never been disrespectful to me."

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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