Former producer sues NBC for using her as ‘sexual bait’

By Michelle Kapusta,

A former Dateline producer has slapped NBC with a lawsuit claiming that her boss at the network used her as ‘sexual bait’ for a hidden camera series.

According to the New York Post, Kimberly Lengle accused her boss, Dan Slepian, of using her to lure targets for a recurring series about drug-related prostitution, sex trafficking and sadomasochism.

The New York Daily News noted that in the court papers filed, the 33-year-old alleges that Slepian put her in potentially dangerous situations for the Wild Wild Web series. Lengle claims that in order to get stories, he had her respond to sex related ads on the Internet including trying to track down someone known as “The Sperminator.”

Lengle said in the court documents that her boss insisted that she actually use a photo of herself dressed provocatively or nude when responding to the racy ads.

The ex-producer also claimed that she was given more sexually-related assignments, but her male counterparts were not.

A spokeswoman for NBC has said that the network believes Lengle’s claims are “without merit.”



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