Former Quinnipiac University student has been arrested for calling in false bomb threats in attempt to stop graduation

By Angelica Stephens,

Danielle Shea has been arrested for reporting a false incident and threatening the safety of others after she reportedly called the university police twice, claiming there were bombs on campus, in an attempt to cancel the commencement ceremony.

According to Fox News, the Hamden police stated that Shea did not attend the University this past year and has been collecting the tuition money that her mother has been paying for her to attend. Shea’s family expected her to graduate this year, so she freaked out when her family noticed her name wasn’t on the pamphlet.

Shea first called the University police around 5:38 p.m. and notified them of a bomb that had been placed in the library. She then called again claiming that there were bombs everywhere and that the commencement should be canceled for safety.

Her false alarm caused the university administration to hold the commencement at the Quinnipiac York Hill campus in their sports arena. Graduation resumed about an hour and a half later than originally scheduled, NBC Connecticut noted.

Shea was found in a cap and gown when police arrested her after tracing the phone calls back to her. She is currently being held by Hamden police on a $20,000 bond. Shea has a court hearing scheduled for May 30.



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