Four more suspects arrested for pregnant Pakistani stoning death

By Kyle Johnson,

Amidst international outcry, police in Pakistan announced they have made four more arrests in the stoning death of the 25-year-old pregnant woman.

While "honor killings" are largely ignored by authorities in Pakistan, nostly because of the country's forgiveness law and blood money, police in Pakistan have been under pressure after the news of Farzana Parveen's public stoning made headlines worldwide, reports The Telegraph.

Lahore city police chief Shafiq Ahmad announced, "We made four arrests last night." He added, "We have constituted a special team to continue investigations and by the grace of God there will be further arrests today."

The police already have Parveen's father, Muhammad Azeem, in custody, but now they have two cousins, a driver and her maternal uncle. Azeem was picked up immediately after the family collectively beat Parveen to death with stones and other objects. He claimed it was an honor killing and said "she had insulted all of our family by marrying a man without our consent."

The family wanted the girl to marry a cousin, but she opted to marry for love instead, marrying Mohammad Iqbal. Azeem filed an abduction charge and the couple went to Lahore High Court to argue the charge. When they left the courthouse, her family was outside waiting to murder her.

Parveen's family did tell the married couple they would spare her life if they paid 100,000 rupees ($1,000), but neither Parveen or Iqbal had enough money.

On Thursday, Iqbal spoke about how he had killed his first wife six years ago because he wanted to marry Parveen. He was reported by his son and spent a year in jail, because his son eventually forgave him.



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