French journalist Camille Lepage killed in Central African Republic

By Kyle Johnson,

Presidential officials say that a French photojournalist was killed on Tuesday in the Central African Republic near the border with Cameroon.

According to BBC News, she was traveling near the border and got killed when trying to get past some fighting. Her body was discovered in a car with anti-balaka militia that was stopped by French peacekeeping troops.

She was embedded with the Christian militia group that is fighting with the Muslim Seleka rebels, after the latter took to power a year ago.

A statement from the French presidency said, "All means necessary will be used to shed light on to the circumstances of this murder and to find her killers."

The freelance photographer's work has appeared in prestigious newspapers worldwide, including the BBC, New York Times, The Washington Post and more, reports The Associated Press.

In her last Instagram post, Lepage said she was heading to the Amada Gaza with the anti-balaka and had to travel by motorbike to get to their destination. She said in the caption that 150 people had died in the area where was going.

The Central African Republic has been suffering a breakdown in safety for those documenting the conflict, including two CAR journalists who were killed in May.



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