'General Hospital' weekly recap – 5/12-5/17

By Sari N. Kent,
Ned revealed shocking news to Tracy and “Luke” about ELQ at the Ball, Lucy ended up in her underwear, kissing Scott and humiliating Kevin as the 2014 Nurses’ Ball came to a close, Jordan and Shawn reminisced about the good old days after the Ball, Alexis asked Julian to leave the mob, Nikolas made a move on Elizabeth to keep her from reuniting with Ric, Julian told “Luke” that he was going legit and “Luke” went over to Alexis’ with a gun!

At The Nurses’ Ball, Lucy chased Milo and his wands off the stage as Epiphany yelled for their underwear. Off in a corner, Sonny begged Olivia for a chance to make things right, but she didn't want to talk to him and ran back to the Ball. Elizabeth was startled to see Nikolas stroll in with Spencer. Cameron then mocked Spencerꞌs sparkly suit. Ric then ushered them along before the kids could fight. Lucy got back on stage to announce Blackie Parrish, but then announced that unforeseen circumstances had arisen and he wouldn’t be appearing.. As she ran off to fill the gap on stage, Lulu asked Maxie to join in on her number since someone dropped out. Maxie happily agreed. She headed backstage to look for her costume and ran into Nathan in his underwear.

Meanwhile, Brad lurked around, spying on Lucas and Felix. Moments later, Lucy announced that Brad was up next. Lucas and Felix stared as he awkwardly performed, but then he got into it and wandered over to their table to serenade them. Lucas moved away, uncomfortable with the gesture and crossed his arms. When Brad was finished, he tried talking to Lucas, but Lucas wasn't interested in talking to him.

Back on stage, Lucy tried to stop Mac and Mr. Marbles from going on, but Mr. Marbles insisted. In the middle of the act, Epiphany started yelling, went on stage and stomped on Mr. Marbles until he was in pieces. Mac was heartbroken. "My childhood friend was murdered before my eyes," he told Felicia. Meanwhile, Milo shook Epiphanyꞌs hand and told her she had “cojones.”

Then, Spencer ran across the room and hugged Britt. He told her that he’d been missing her and wasn’t going to let her leave. He then got drinks for her and Nikolas, as they had some awkward chit chat. Nikolas told her that he wished that he could move on from her but it that it wasn’t that easy.

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