'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of 5/19-5/23

By Sari N. Kent,
Silas got from flowers from a mystery person, “Luke” tried to kill Alexis, Shawn attempted to warn Jordan, Carly and Franco went to see Spinelli to see if he could fix AJ’s phone, Julian threw a family dinner party to make an announcement, “Luke” ordered a hitman to kill one of Julian’s family at the dinner party, Lucas was shot at the party, Carly and Franco heard Ava confess to killing Connie on the recording, “Luke” tried to kill Lucas as he lay in the hospital.

At GH, Silas was grumpy. Felix then delivered him some high-end flowers and bugged him to read the card. It read, "I miss you. Love, me." Silas assumed they must be from Sam. Felix told Silas how lucky he was to have such a great relationship.

At Sam's, Lucas was hanging out with her and Danny. Then, Julian showed up and invited them to dinner. They agreed to come and he promised them big news. After he left, Lucas and Sam speculated on what the “big news” would be and then wondered who Lucas could bring as his plus one. Later, Silas dropped in and made out with Sam. He thanked her for the flowers. She told him that they weren't from her and assumed they must have been from Ava. They then made out on the couch and then told him that they were going to a family dinner at the art gallery. Silas replied that he’d rather not go, but she insisted that Julian promised “big news.”

Lucas showed up at GH to see Felix. He apologized for telling Brad that they were dating and then asked him out to be his date for the family dinner party. Felix was reluctant but couldn't resist the promise of drama and good food. He then worried it was a rebound thing, but Lucas assured him there were no expectations.

Shawn startled Jordan at the gallery. They bickered about her being a drug dealer. He was about to warn her about the bust when Julian walked in with a gun and told him to get lost. Shawn then recalled Duke's advice to keep his mouth shut. "Don't say I didn't try," Shawn said to Jordan as he left. Once he was gone, Jordan assured Julian that Shawn didn't know anything. Then, he informed her that he wasn’t her boss anymore because he quit and explained why. Julian then advised her to be very careful when she met her boss. “If he let you go, how much of a tyrant can he really be?" she asked Julian.

Duke dropped by Sonny's office to tell him that he was worried about Shawn warning Jordan about the bust. Then, Shawn arrived and Duke left. Sonny then told Shawn that he wished he'd told him about TJ's mom. Shawn then admitted that he had intended to tip Jordan off, but decided that taking Julian down was more important. "I think it's time to let TJ know the truth about his mother," he said.

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