'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of 5/26-5/30

By Sari N. Kent,
Sabrina and Patrick named their son, Carly revealed the truth as to who really killed Connie to Sonny, Julian gave Scott the name of his boss in exchange for immunity…or did he?, Sonny confronted Ava with all of her lies, but she dropped a bombshell and 'Luke' went to see the Real Luke, who was still drugged at Miscavige

Lulu, Dante and baby Rocco were at Kelly's discussing what happened to Lucas. She then explained that she has arranged a doctor's appointment to discuss fertilization, but offered to cancel if Dante was uncomfortable. Before he could answer, he got a call and had to go to work. Before he left, he told her to go ahead with the appointment. Then, Tracy called Lulu and asked to meet her to discuss Luke.

At GH, Sabrina was in the incubation room with the baby. Then, Patrick and Emma came by. Emma brought a stuffed animal for the baby. They then discuss names for her little brother. Emma thought they should call him Early, but Patrick suggests that Sabrina come up with a name. She said if the baby had been a girl, she would have wanted to name it after her mother, Gabriela, but since it was a boy, she thought Gabriel was perfect. She then wanted the baby to have a piece of Patrick and Emma and decided on Drake as the baby’s middle name. After Emma left, Patrick and Sabrina returned to their son, Gabriel Drake Santiago. Sabrina then told Patrick that she was feeling hopeful.

Down the hall, Cameron is with Elizabeth. He used an origami game to ask her out for Ric, who suddenly appeared. She sent Cameron off to eat pretzels and agreed to the date.

Meanwhile, “Luke” got into Lucas' hospital room and tried to cut off his air. Then, Julian arrived outside. He argued with the guard and barged in to stop “Luke.” The guard had a fit since Julian wasn’t on the approved list to see Lucas, but “Luke” calmed him down and sent him out. “Luke” then made it clear to Julian that he could kill anyone in his family. Julian then threatened to turn him in, but “Luke” said that he could still hurt Julian’s family from jail because his “reach goes far” and doubted that Julian could rely on Anna to protect his family. “Luke” then ordered Julian back to work. He explained that the empire needed rebuilding and that he had a plan for how to do it.

Carly was in Sonny's office. She played the recording from AJ’s phone for him, but Sonny refused to believe anyone but AJ killed Connie. She then played more of the recording and it finally sunk in…Ava NOT AJ, killed Connie! Sonny then said, "I killed an innocent man.” He blames himself for believing all of Ava’s lies and nearly blurted out that he slept with her. Carly urged him just to blame Ava, not himself. He then told Carly that he was going to kill Ava. "Be careful," she urged as he left. Carly then picked up Connie's picture and wondered if she would rest in peace soon.

Ava was still on Sonny’s island in Puerto Rico. Kiki called to talk about Julian. The topic then changed to Sonny and Kiki explained that Morgan told her about her and Sonny’s “crypt sex.” "It was all very complicated," Ava told Kiki. Ava then reminds Kiki that she cheated on Morgan with Michael. Ava then told Kiki that she still wasn’t sure about what happened, but promised that she was going to be a better person, that she wanted them to have a fresh start and they arranged to have dinner. Moments later, Sonny arrived.

Alexis was surprised to find Julian at GH. He told her that he was worried about Lucas and that his boss had him shot. Julian then added that he was sure that he had no choice but to go back to work. Alexis urged him to just give Anna what she wanted and then seek protection, but he wouldn’t risk her, Sam, Danny or Lucas’ lives again. Alexis then told Julian that she wasn’t sure they could have a future together if he went down that road. She then told him that she loved him, kissed him and left.

At the PCPD, Anna lectured Dante for his misconduct during the drug bust. She then told him that she was letting Jordan go because he had violated her civil rights. "This is crap," he fired back. She then explains that Jordan was actually a DEA agent and that they will clear his record once she finished her undercover operation. She then told Dante that they were now after Julian's boss. Later, Julian arrived and told Anna that he was ready to cooperate with her.

Meanwhile, Shawn dropped by the lockup to visit Jordan. He lectured her. She told him to get lost and assured him that she'd be out by that evening. He thought she should make a deal with the cops, but Jordan insisted that she had a job to do. Shawn then said that he was sure this wouldn’t go over well with TJ. Then, Dante showed up and announced the charges against Jordan were being dropped.

Carly plopped down beside “Luke” at The Metro Court bar. They talked about Lucas' shooting and he suggested that it must have been a hate crime. She then wandered off to find a bartender and ran into Franco. She told him Sonny now knew that Ava not AJ killed Connie. He was surprised Sonny hadn't scorched the earth. Then, Ric showed up and Carly began listing his crimes. Franco shook his hand and then offered to beat him up, Carly was sure that he could ruin his own life. Ric then headed to the bar. “Luke” offered him a drink, but Ric instead laid into him for spreading rumors. Ric then warned “Luke” that he could be just as dangerous as Sonny then he strolled off.

Back at a table, Carly and Franco pondered what Sonny would do next.

Back at the bar, “Luke” chatted to Olivia. She mentioned breaking up with Sonny and he wanted all the details, which she gave. He told her that she could do a lot better than Sonny and asked her to go somewhere quiet so she could “undress her feelings” for him. She urged him to go home to his new bride. He then grumbled, told her that Ric was a threat and kissed her before walking off. Confused, she wandered by Carly and Franco. Olivia then told Carly that Sonny slept with Ava. Carly assured her that would never happen again.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth arrived on the roof of The Metro Court. Ric was waiting and had the place prepared for her. She was impressed. They toasted and he called out a violinist to play as they danced. He then asked her to spend the night with him and she agreed.

Lulu dropped by the Quartermaine mansion. Tracy asked for her help figuring out what was wrong with Luke. She filled Lulu in on Ned's accusations, but they both assumed that he was lying. Tracy then told Lulu that she had kicked Ned out, but admitted that Luke was different and had been keeping more secrets than usual. Lulu then explained that he was just planning a surprise honeymoon. Tracy was skeptical. Later, “Luke” arrived. Before he could make excuses about where he'd been, she declared that she knew that he'd been planning the honeymoon of a lifetime and that she couldn’t wait.

Sonny arrived on the island. Ava told him that she had been calling him. He stared back at her and then told her that she was in no danger... from Julian. Sonny then said that he wanted to spend some time with her alone. She wondered if he was looking for sex. He then accused her of shooting Olivia. She explained that it was an accident and that she meant to shoot Franco. Then, Sonny got threatening and made it clear that he didn’t trust anything she said. "I killed AJ but you killed Connie," he seethed.

On The Metro Court rooftop, Elizabeth broke her kiss from Ric and confirmed that she wanted to spend the night with him. Before they left, she downed her drink and admitted that she was nervous. He told her that he was changed and she made him promise not to hurt her again.

Julian told Anna at the PCPD that he could give her the name of the man who was bringing drugs into Port Charles. He then said that his main concern was protecting his family. Anna refused to make a deal and he accused her of pushing a personal vendetta. Julian then went over Anna’s head and Scott entered. He granted Julian full immunity and Anna wondered when any criminals in town would face justice. Julian then pulled up a computer and showed them a paper trail and who his boss was. Anna and Scott were both shocked.

Kiki went to see Michael at ELQ with his favorite takeout. She told him that Ava was on her way back from vacation and told him that Ava said that she wanted to be a better person when she got back. Kiki then told Michael that Ava slept with Sonny. He couldn’t believe Morgan didn’t tell him and she admitted that she asked him not to. He wished that he could have been there for his brother. He then told Kiki that he hated being protected, would rather deal with something in the moment than be blindsided later and that trust was the most important thing to him. He then asked where Sonny and Ava slept together, but she sidestepped the question and stopped him from getting back to work by taking her clothes off. They then made love.

Sonny got in Ava’s face in Puerto Rico and told her that he knew she killed Connie. She acted shocked, but he pulled out the recording. “You killed the woman I love!” he screamed. He then said that he was going to make sure she paid for it. She kept insisting that AJ did it, but Sonny said that he knew that she had framed him. He then pulled out a gun. She pleaded for him not to kill her and he wondered if Connie begged like that when Ava shot her in the gut. He then told Ava that he was just returning the favor. “You stole my past and future from me,” he screamed. She then told him there was something he didn’t know. She was pregnant.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Tracy told “Luke” that she knew about his honeymoon planning and that she couldn’t wait! He tried to deny it, but she told him that she dragged it out of Lulu “When do we leave?” she chirped. He told her tonight, and they would buy everything they needed when they got there. She insisted on packing and wanted to know if where they were going was tropical or cold. He told her to pack a little bit of everything. Overjoyed, she left and he called someone to use the ELQ card to book something tonight. Then, Julian arrived and tells “Luke” his message was received loud and clear. If he left his family alone, Julian would keep working for him. “Luke” thought he would play ball and told Julian that he had planted evidence in Ric’s room. He then put Julian in charge while he is gone on his “honeymoon.” When he returned, “Luke” said they would take down Sonny. Later, Tracy got a card to meet “Luke” at the airport.

Alexis was surprised to see Nikolas when she got home. Molly was off studying for finals and Alexis admitted that things were still a bit rocky since she lied about sleeping with TJ. Nikolas then told Alexis that he was there to talk about Elizabeth. He told Alexis that he asked her to stay at Wyndemere after she was shot because he wanted her close. Now he was taking it hard that she had moved out. He then told Alexis how he panicked and kissed her but that Elizabeth made it clear she was giving Ric a second chance. Alexis told him that she didn’t think Ric was heading up Julian’s organization because he swore on Molly’s life that he wasn’t. Nikolas was doubtful and she accused him of wanting it to be true so he could have Elizabeth back. He told Alexis that he loved Elizabeth so much that he even questioned his engagement to Britt, but that Ric worried him since he has always been up to no good.

Later, Julian came by and told Alexis that he had turned in his boss. She was overjoyed and asked who it was.

Back in Ric’s room at The Metro Court, Elizabeth noticed that he was wearing a watch she gifted him for their wedding and he told her that he used to look at it and think about what might have been. He then promised that they were free from their past and could choose what they wanted. He chose her, and she chose him too. They then made love. Afterward, Ric told Elizabeth that he couldn’t imagine not loving her as much as he did now and that he wanted them to finally last. Suddenly, the police arrived. Anna had a warrant and accused Ric of being the head of the Jerome family, named by Julian.

“Luke” goes to Miscavige to check on a patient. It was the real Luke with a shaved head!

A drunk Morgan was cut off at The Floating Rib and he got belligerent. Security tried to toss him out, but Olivia offered to take care of him. She took him to a booth and told him that she knew Ava cheated on him with Sonny. Morgan thought they could get back at them and planted a kiss on Olivia. She pushed him off, but he thought they could just say it was an accident so Sonny and Ava would know how it felt. He asked her to take him home with her, but she told him that revenge sex was off the table, at least with each other. She then added that she could see he was in a terrible place and that sinking to their level wasn’t the answer. He then apologized for trying to kiss her and she insisted on driving him home.

While still on Sonny’s island in Puerto Rico, Ava placed Sonny’s hand on her stomach and told him she was pregnant with his baby. He didn’t believe her. She offered to prove it and pulled a positive pregnancy test out of the trash. He accused her of planting it, but she said that she couldn’t have since she had no clue he was on his way there. She then told Sonny that they had made something beautiful out of something ugly. Sonny refused to believe the baby was his and she agreed saying it could be Morgan’s. She then reminded Sonny that she’d only been with Morgan and him since she’d been in town. Sonny then put his gun away and told her they were going to Port Charles to see a doctor. He then added that if she was lying, she was dead. If she was telling the truth, she would be dead in nine months.

Ric denied the charges against him as the cops searched his room at The Metro Court. Anna told him that there was documentation of a money trail that led to Ric, but he insisted it was fake and that Julian was lying. Meanwhile, Elizabeth struggled to get into a robe under the covers. The cops then found a gun, the same type that shot Lucas and killed his shooter. Ric swore it was a plant. As the cops dragged him off, he yelled to Elizabeth that he was being set up.

Julian told Alexis at her place that Ric was his boss. She didn’t believe it and demanded Julian tell her the truth. He swore on his kids’ lives that Ric was his boss. He told her that Ric approached him while he was still in the witness protection program and offered to fund Julian’s operation in order to bleed Sonny dry. Julian then added that he never planned on having a family so he had no idea how high the price would be. Alexis was beside herself about what she was going to tell Molly. Julian almost told Alexis the truth, but they were interrupted by someone at the door. It was Elizabeth, who told Alexis that someone was framing Ric. Alexis told Elizabeth that Julian explained everything to her and to call Diane, but Elizabeth busted in and demanded Julian tell her why he was setting up Ric. She then accused him of planting the gun and begged Alexis not to believe him over Ric. Alexis did and Elizabeth left upset. Julian apologized and begged Alexis to tell him they would be okay no matter what. She told him they would be. He then left to be with Lucas while she called Molly and told her to come home.

“Luke” visited the totally disoriented and drugged real Luke at Miscavige and told him it took a lot of planning to get here. He told the real Luke that he’d been watching him for months, years, familiarizing himself with all the details of Luke’s life. Then, he waited for just the right moment and got it when Luke landed here. He then rubbed it in how great Tracy was in bed when they reunited, and now they were married despite Ned’s efforts to keep them apart. “Luke” then added that he was only after Tracy for her money and ELQ but still took care of her in the sack. Restrained, the real Luke finally reacted and screamed for “Luke” to keep his filthy hands off Tracy. “Luke” laughed and continued to taunt the real Luke about Tracy’s voracious sex drive, and the real Luke spits in “Luke’s” face. “Luke” then told the real Luke that he was leaving town for a while, and passed along the info that the real Luke now had a grandson named Rocco. “Luke” then told the real Luke that when he got back from his trip he was going to take over Port Charles and obliterate Sonny. “Luke” even told the real Luke how he set up another guy to take the fall for everything he’d done with an iron-clad paper trail and even planted a weapon with prints. “Luke” then said goodbye to the real Luke, who asked him who he was. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” he replied tauntingly.

At the PCPD, Anna told Ric that the bullet that hit Lucas and the one that killed the hit man was a match for the gun in his room. Ric raged that it wasn’t his gun and that he never even touched it. She replied that his prints were all over it and placed him under arrest.

Elizabeth returned to Ric’s room at The Metro Court for her cell phone but the cops turned her away.



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