'General Hospital' weekly recap - Week of 5/5-5/9

By Sari N. Kent,

Olivia figured out why Morgan was mad at Sonny and who Sonny had sex with, Julian tried to kill Ava, Carly and Franco hid AJ’s cell phone from Anna, Morgan told Kiki that Ava and Sonny slept together, Michael learned of “Luke’s” lascivious advances towards Kiki, couples began walking the Nurses’ Ball red carpet with some surprises pairings and Ned performed at the Nurses’ Ball and a surprise guest from GH’s past might make an appearance!

Ned wasn't thrilled to walk into Luke's office at ELQ and see him behind a pile of cash. He then accused him of embezzling. "Ned, Nedder, Neddest, you could not be more wrong," said “Luke.” Then, Tracy showed up. “Luke” explained that the cash was his nest egg and that he was putting it into the ELQ coffers. Tracy bought this explanation and thought it was a great idea. Yet, Ned still begged her to wait to tie the knot. She replied by kicking him out of the building. He left in a huff as “Luke” smirked. Once Ned was gone, Tracy told “Luke” how great he was. After she left, “Luke” tried calling Julian.

Sabrina showed up at the PCPD and asked Carlos if he really killed AJ. Unwilling to answer in front of everyone, Anna allowed them into the interrogation room to chat. Carlos then got emotional when he heard about Sabrina’s son’s condition. "Ay dios mio! This is my fault!" he said. He then continued claiming that he killed AJ and she couldn’t believe he had lied to her. Carlos then cried and told Sabrina that everything he did, he did for her, but she just stormed out, angry.

Outside the interrogation room, Duke appeared. Anna told him about Carlos’ confession and her feeling that something was off about it. She then told him that she needed to look at AJ's phone, which had been separated from the rest of his personal effects. Duke then got flirty with Anna, who chuckled and then apologized for questioning him over Sonny's alibi. Then, he told her that the Jeromes were been bringing drugs into town and offered to help Anna bring him down. She thanked him for the offer but declined because it would publicize their relationship.

At GH, Franco and Carly guessed that the truth about AJ's murder must be on his phone. They played the recording. It was AJ and Ava talking but the sound kept getting cut off. They did hear Ava pulling a gun and they tried to put the pieces together. They then played more of it and listened to Sonny come in and shoot AJ. "Wow," Franco emoted. Carly still wasn't sure what really happened. Franco suggested giving the recording to Anna so the police’s tech department could fill in the sound gaps, but Carly shot down that idea because it would reveal Sonny's guilt.

Sonny dropped by Kelly's to update Shawn about sending Ava out of town. Sonny then told Shawn how he had sex with Ava and how Morgan found out and was furious with them both. Shawn then headed off to get Ava.

Olivia arrived at Sonny's and found Morgan moving out. Morgan told her that Sonny was lying to her, but then backpedalled and left. Then, Alexis showed up and told Olivia about Ava cheating on Morgan. She thought it was with Silas, but Sam told her that it wasn’t. "It all makes so much sense now," Olivia replied. After Alexis left, Olivia replayed the argument between Sonny and Morgan at The Metro Court in her mind and gasped. When Sonny arrived, Olivia asked him, "Did you have sex with Ava Jerome?"

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