'General Hospital' weekly recap – Week of April 28 to May 2

By Sari N. Kent,

Carlos confessed to AJ’s murder, thinking it will keep Sabrina and her baby safe, Michael asked Kiki to ask Ava if she knew anything about AJ’s murder, Morgan almost confessed to Olivia that Ava and Sonny slept together, Lulu asked Nikolas and Elizabeth to drop the charges against Obrecht, TJ showed Molly, Jordan and Shawn his college acceptance letter, Maxie introduced Levi to Mac and Felicia, Nathan told Britt that they’re siblings and we saw that Nina is really alive!

At the PCPD, Franco and Carly told Anna that he had something on Ava. She sent them into the interrogation room to wait while she talked to Nathan. He told her that he bought the story Britt told him about the crash, but Anna wasn’t totally convinced and ordered him to take a hard line. He was about to tell her that Britt was his sister when Franco and Carly called her in.

Down in the lockup, Carlos accused Ava of running Sabrina off the road. She thought his senses were warped and then they argued. She then accused him of blabbing to Franco, but he claimed that he said “nada.” Ava then suggested that she was behind the crash and issued another threat. After she left, Carlos headed upstairs to talk to Anna before she could talk to Franco, but she wouldn't let Carlos talk to Sabrina until he gave her what she wanted. Outside, Franco told Carly that he was sure that Carlos was confessing. They then spotted Ava leaving the building, which didn't bode well. Anna then came out and told Nathan that Carlos had just confessed to killing AJ.

At GH, Sabrina cried to Felix for news about her baby. Then, Epiphany came in and assured her that “a team of geniuses” was fighting to save her baby. Felix then followed Epiphany out and questioned her about the baby. She was vague and told him to look after Sabrina. He then went back and tried to keep Sabrina in bed despite her crying about her baby and begging Felix to let her go see him. Felix finally relented and got her a wheelchair. Down the hall, Patrick paced and relived the crash. He then prayed for his son's life. Then, Britt arrived and gave him a hug. She then checked in on the baby and told Patrick that his son's chances were 50-50. Felix then wheeled Sabrina in. After she and Patrick went in to see the baby, Felix thanked Britt for helping Sabrina.

Kiki dropped by the Quartermaine mausoleum to see Michael, told him how much everyone cared about him and how amazing it was to her that he's reconciled with Morgan. Michael then told her how anxious he was to catch AJ's killer and urged her to try getting some answers out of Ava. She didn't see how her mother could have been involved, but agreed to try since the killing seemed like it was personal to her. On her way out, Kiki noticed an earring on the floor.

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