Giant Marilyn Monroe statue featured at New Jersey park sculpture exhibition

By Daniel S Levine,

Marilyn Monroe already seems larger than life on the big screen, but sculptor Seward Johnson took that to a whole other level with his giant stature of the iconic Hollywood star. The statue went on display at a New Jersey park this weekend.

The statue, made of steel and aluminum and weighing 17 tons, was unveiled Sunday at the Grounds for Sculpture exhibit in Hamilton. The 24-acre park is located just outside Trenton.

Seward decided to depict Monroe in her most famous pose, with her white dress lifted in the air over the subway grate in Billy Wilder’s 1955 classic The Seven Year-Itch.

The 83-year-old artist’s pieces are featured in Seward Johnson: The Retrospective, which will be open until Sept. 21. His Beyond the Frame pieces will also be on display, allowing viewers to see 3D sculptures inspired by French masterpieces. They “allow an intimacy with the paintings that the paintings don’t allow themselves,” Johnson said.

Monroe is part of his Icons Revisited series. His 25-foot-tall Abraham Lincoln statue is also a part of the exhibition, notes The Associated Press. His giant 3D version of the famous V-J Day kissing marine photo will also be on display.

image via Twitter from Tentonian



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