‘Glee’-Cap: ‘Old Dog New Tricks’

By Lauren DuBois,
Kurt finds his rise to stardom at last—but there’s a twist to it

The episode was Chris Colfer’s writing debut and was packed with guest stars like June Squibb, Billy Dee Williams and Tim Conway.


Rachel is freaking out about her image since news broke of her missing the performance of Funny Girl for the L.A. pilot. Santana tells her she just needs a cause to fix her image—and she decides to help the animals at a shelter for dogs.

After a trip to an animal shelter, which involves the song “I Melt With You,” the campaign is set to begin and her dog rescue charity, named “Broadway B—ches” is ready to go.

She and Santana are busy planning the big charity event and leave Kurt out of the planning. They say he can’t perform at the event because they’re keeping it to just the girls. He’s hurt because he doesn’t feel respected.

As part of a promotion for the charity, Rachel stages an event where she walks up a street with several dogs, using her friends to act as innocent bystanders who appear interested in her charity. But when the dogs misbehave and run after a guy with a sandwich—dragging Rachel 4 blocks as a result—she’s worried it will be ruined. Thankfully for her though, it isn’t.

When she shows she isn’t supportive of Kurt’s newest venture, he calls her out for only counting him as a friend when it’s convenient for her, and also for not really caring about the dogs—it’s solely about improving her image, not helping the animals.

Finally, her event happens, and it’s going well—until she takes a dog away from a prospective adopter because she needs him for a photo opportunity. The woman calls her out for being a fraud who doesn’t really care about animals, and only cares about herself. It resonates, especially after Kurt told her the same thing.

Finally, after changing her tune and supporting Kurt, Rachel redoes her event at the diner—and makes it about the dogs. She, Artie, Blaine, Kurt, Mercedes, Sam and Santana all perform “Take Me Home Tonight” to close out the show and gives credit to her friends for their help—especially Santana, who has shown her knack for PR.


Kurt meets none other than Broadway legend Maggie Banks at the diner when she hangs up a poster advertising her nursing home’s performance of Peter Pan. He opens up to her about how disappointed he is that everyone else has seen some success, yet he hasn’t.

After getting his feelings hurt by Rachel, he heads to the nursing home to catch the rehearsals of the show—but the woman playing Peter has died. Kurt volunteers to fill in, and after beautifully singing “Memory” with Maggie, he’s got the gig.

The show isn’t without its problems however, as the cast doesn’t seem to believe they can really do it—except for Maggie. After she receives flowers from her daughter, with a note saying she can’t make it, Kurt learns the truth—she makes up the relationship with her daughter, who hasn’t been around in years.

Kurt then goes to see Maggie’s daughter and tries to convince her to go to the show, but doesn’t appear to succeed. It’s then showtime, and he thinks Blaine is the only one there supporting him. He calls Rachel to apologize for telling her she was selfish before he goes on, but finds out she and everyone else actually came to see him perform. And as the curtain opens and he and Maggie begin singing “Lucky Star,” Maggie’s daughter also arrives.

As a special treat to coincide with her big event, Rachel also invites the senior citizens to her event and invites them to perform with her and everyone else.


Sam gets a dog, which upsets Mercedes, because she doesn’t think they can take care of him. She becomes annoyed and pissed off when she sees the dog chewed up not only her shoes, but also her weave—and orders he return the dog to the shelter.

Sam then tries training the dog with Artie’s help as they sing “Werewolves of London,” and he succeeds with it. But Mercedes still has to put her foot down. Sam gets insulted because he thinks Mercedes doesn’t trust him to be responsible, but she says that’s not it. They just need to accept that they have too hectic of life schedules to take care of him right now, and they’re going to find him a new home—which they do.

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