‘Glee’-Cap: ‘The Untitled Rachel Berry Project’

By Lauren DuBois,
Another chapter in the life of ‘New Directions’ Ends In The Season 5 Finale

Everyone is preparing to move on with their lives as yet another chapter comes to an end.


Mercedes is embarking on a mall tour for her album, and will be performing an original song, “Shakin’ My Head,” with Brittany as a special backup dancer. Santana will join the tour later on, because she is currently filming a new commercial for Yeastistat.

Meanwhile Sam is about to land a huge break with his modeling career. Treasure Trails needs a new spokesman—and after a steamy audition to “Girls on Film,” he gets the gig.

The changing paths in their careers force everyone else to talk to them individually about their relationship-the two need to call it quits because being apart won’t work for them. The two maintain they will work it out. That seems to be the case…until Sam has his photo shoot for the gig—and the photographer kisses him and tries seducing him.

Afterwards, he returns home to Mercedes and apologizes because he thinks he’s cheated on her—though he didn’t sleep with the photographer. Though Mercedes assures him he didn’t do that, she tells him they need to break up because she can’t ask him to wait around for her anymore as far as sex is concerned.

Their journeys end with Mercedes heading to her tour and Sam going back home to Ohio after his dream of being half-naked on a bus advertisement comes true.


Blaine has unsuccessfully convinced June Dalloway (Shirley Maclaine) to put Kurt in the showcase. She tells him he needs to be honest with Kurt. He begins singing “All Of Me,” and Kurt walks in—which is when Blaine admits the truth. Kurt isn’t in the showcase and never was. Needless to say, he isn’t happy and leaves.

The two talk it out and Blaine says he no longer wants to do the showcase without Kurt, because he’s so important to him. Kurt tells him to do it anyway.

The showcase has arrived and Blaine and June wow the crowd with “No Time at All.” And though June warned him against it, when he is asked to perform an encore, Blaine invites Kurt up onstage with him to sing “American Boy.” However, afterwards, June agrees the two make a good team.

Their chapter ends with them in the loft together, officially living together, on their own.


A writer has been sent to New York to write a script for a pilot of Rachel’s planned television show. However, the writer they send….is weird…random…and just not cool. She’s also writing a show that has nothing to do with Rachel’s life at all.

The initial script is terrible—Rachel’s Gay astronaut dads forgot her birthday, a lesbian Brittany character sleeps with the gay Blaine character, and there’s a coffee rave. After reading, Rachel decided to talk with the writer and change things.

She takes her to the diner and appeals to her through song with “Glitter in the Air.” And the song makes the writer give Rachel’s version a shot.

The new script is so good it gets picked up for a pilot—so now Rachel is headed to L.A. The group makes a pact to all meet up again in six months, and go out singing “Pompeii” together. The last shot of the season is Rachel walking up the street singing, looking up at the sky towards Finn’s spirit and holding her necklace in her hand—before looking at the camera and letting things fade to black.

Image: ©2014 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Tyler Golden/FOX



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