'Godzilla 2' officially in the works

By Will Ashton,

With the massive $93 million Godzilla made this weekend in its domestic debut, it should come to no surprise that Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have announced that they are working on a sequel.

Deadline revealed the news on the sequel's freshly formed development. Although Thomas Tull of Legendary Pictures was initially hesitant to make a sequel to his blockbuster (although, in this business, that kind of talk should always be taken with a grain of salt), he revealed that he was simply waiting for the film's initial debut before his company made any rash decisions.

While this seems like common sense, sequels have begun being formed before the initial film is even finished production, it is at least considerable. In addition to making a lot of dough in the U.S., the film also debuted to $103 million internationally.

Despite the fact that Legendary recently made a new financial and distribution pact with Universal Studios, this will still be a Warner Bros. project.

It is unclear at the moment whether or not director Gareth Edwards will be returning for the sequel, but given the fact that he has made comments of late talking about how he would bring the same restraint to a sequel as he would to his original film, it would be safe to say that he will probably come back. He also told MTV that he has an idea for a sequel, but didn't reveal it on the spot.

The question on everyone's mind right now, is whether or not Mothra will be making his big screen return with this sequel?



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