‘Godzilla’ dominates opening weekend at the box office

By Chris Howcroft,

This year marks the 60th anniversary of Godzilla being introduced into the world and this weekend the newest film in the Godzilla franchise absolutely dominated the box office during its opening weekend.

Godzilla brought in a very impressive $93.2 million during its opening weekend. This total marks the second largest opening weekend so far this year, with the film only behind Captain America: The Winter Soldier which brought in $95 million. This amount that the film brought in was much higher than the original prediction, which was that the film would bring in around $70 million during opening weekend according to ABC News.

The film has been a financial success so far as well as being positively reviewed by the critics. The film has earned a 72% positive review from critics, which is a good indicator that the film will continue to have success during its theatrical run.

USA Today is reporting that this is a very surprising review, especially for a film labeled as a “monster film.” The positive reviews, as well as the financial success, are a strong indicator for good things to come for this franchise.

The last major film in the Godzilla franchise have been considered flops or been negatively reviewed by critics. This film was the 1998 Godzilla which starred Matthew Broderick with had an opening weekend of only $44 million and was met with very negative reviews.

It seems that with a very successful opening weekend and positive reviews from critics and fans, it seems that Godzilla is back and he is here to stay.



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