'Godzilla' plans to shred the opening box office numbers

By Gabrielle Washington,

Godzilla is expected to bring in $90 million by the end of the weekend.

That is, according to Variety, Godzilla will annihilate the opening day box office numbers, expecting to bring in $35 million by the end of Friday alone after already racking up $9.3 million on the Thursday night openings.

The celebrated film that has lasted 60 years on screen not only did well opening day domestically, but internationally has made a stamp, as well, bringing in $20 million for over 30 markets, led by the U.K. with $2 million followed by $1.7 Million in Russia. Godzilla will be on 16,000 screens internationally, and over 64 markets this Friday.

This Godzilla will completely trump the numbers of the 1998 version of the iconic monster, opening up with only $44 million in the United States. Domestically, it earned $136 million and $380 million worldwide in total.

The Hollywood Reporter says that the movie will only gross a little past $65 million this weekend. The $160 million budgeted movie revisits the story after Sony's version was deemed unsuccessful, and plans on being the version that trumps all.

The Million Dollar Arm is expected to bring in a modest $10 to $12 million in its opening weekend. The popular Neighbors, about a married couple that has just moved next door to a college frat house, is expected to make around $26 million in its second weekend. The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which had brought in a dazzling $150 million in total as of Tuesday, is expected to earn $14 to $15 million for its third weekend, and should finish globally this weekend at $600 million.



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