Google Glass goes up for sale to anyone in U.S.

By Kyle Johnson,

Google opened up their Glass Explorer program on Wednesday to anyone in the United States willing to plunk down $1,500.

In a Google+ post, the tech giant revealed that they are finally opening up their beta program more, allowing anyone in the United States to get their hands on the Glass Explorer Edition. Google Glass will be available while the company has the stock "on hand."

Still, it'll cost a cool $1,500 and isn't the final product that will likely be released to consumers in the future as it's just a beta version.

The expansion of the beta program follows almost exactly a month after Google offered up Glass to those not in the Explorer program for exactly one day. Again, Google restricted sales of their wearable tech to those living in the United States.

Sales were strong and Google easily sold out of stock they had on hand at the time in that single day of sales. Google has strived to make their product inviting to everyone by providing the ability to get prescription lenses for those that need it.



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