'Grace of Monaco' star Nicole Kidman calls it 'sad' Princess Stephanie, Princess Carolina and Prince Albert won't be at Cannes debut

By Gina DiFalco,

Despite Nicole Kidman’s Grace if Monaco opening the Cannes Film Festival, the royal family of Monaco - Princess Stephanie, Princess Caroline and Prince Albert – do not support the film and will not be there to watch.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Kidman, who plays Princess Grace in the Olivier Dahan-directed film, called it “sad” they don’t have the support of the family but says she’s understands nonetheless.

"It's their mother and father. And I understand it's protection of their mother and father," she said, USA Today reports. The royals have called the film a “farse.”

The film portrays Princess Grace and her husband, Prince Rainier (played by Tim Roth) during a time of political and personal turmoil.

"The film has no malice toward the family, particularly towards Grace or Rainier. It's fictionalized. It's not a biopic. It's the essence of truth. But you take dramatic license at times,” Kidman continued.

In a statement, the royals of Monaco said they had made “numerous requests for changes” of the script but were ignored.



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