Greek letters found on whale in New Jersey

By Brady Kirkland,

A deceased Minke whale washed ashore in Atlantic City last Thursday, and it seems a local fraternity decided to give it their mark.

According to Associated Press, the whale was found under Central Pier on May 1 with purple graffiti on its underbelly. The symbols, which were first thought to be gang-related, were soon recognized as the Greek letters Tau Epsilon Phi. The number 94 was also tagged next to the letters.

Tau Epsilon Phi is a national fraternity with active chapters near the whale’s location. A source from the organization’s national headquarters, Jesse Cohen, said that the act goes against the fraternity’s core values. He also noted that it has not been confirmed whether or not members of the fraternity did actually tag the whale.

Press of Atlantic City reported that a dolphin was also found washed ashore just a bit further down the beach from the whale. Each were assumed to have come to shore following a powerful storm, as neither animal showed signs of injury.

This occurrence is actually quite common for the area. Over 90 dolphins were found along the Jersey shore last year alone.

Despite worries that it could cause a strong odor, the Minke whale was buried in sand near the Boardwalk.



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