Gregg Allman dropped his lawsuit against ‘Midnight Rider’ producers

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

On Tuesday, Gregg Allman agreed to drop his lawsuit against producers who were making the film, Midnight Rider.

Allman filed suit in Chatham County Superior Court on April 28. Allman’s lawsuit says that rights to his life story lapsed because the movie did not meet production deadlines. He also claimed that the principal photography did not begin on time.

"We have come together and reasoned with one another," Allman attorney David Long-Daniels told the judge, according to the Associated Press.

Allman wasn’t in court on Tuesday as he is struggling with poor health.

Production was halted when a freight train interrupted the crew filming a dream sequence. The accident left female crew member, Sarah Jones, dead on Feb. 20. Investigators in Wayne County said that the accident happened when the crew failed to procure the right permit from the CSX Railroad, the company that owns the tracks.

According to Variety, Director Randall Miller said, “I did not do permits, so I didn’t see the permits.”

Whether or not the production will resume, actor William Hurt has pulled out of the project. He was set to play an older version of Allman.



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