Gregg Allman sues to stop production on 'Midnight Rider' after tragic accident

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The death of camera assistant Sarah Jones on the project, Midnight Rider, stopped production and shook up those working on the set including the film's main subject, Gregg Allman. Following her death, Allman asked director Randall Miller to stop production.

Allman has now filed a lawsuit to stop production of Midnight Rider, Variety reported.

The lawsuit was filled in Savannah, Ga. on Monday against the two production companies that have been working on the project, Unclaimed Freight Prods. and Allman LLC. The suit alleges that the films rights to Allman's life story have expired.

The terms of the option included that principal photography needed to have been underway by Feb. 28th.

A hearing will be taking place on May 12th, which will decide if the request for a halt of production will be justified.

Both production companies have declined to comment.

The LA Times added that last month William Hurt, who was one of the main actors in the film dropped out of the production.



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