'Growing Up Fisher' recap: 'Secret Lives of Fishers'

By Lauren Wheeler,

On this week’s episode of Growing Up Fisher, Mel had back pain, Katie got a job, Joyce quit school and Henry picks a fight with an eighth grader.

The episode began with Katie asking Mel if she can get a job. Mel says no. He says that her only job is to study and get grades in school. He also tells Henry not to hang out with older kids.

So Mel goes to work and immediately runs into Joyce. She tells him that grades are coming out so she may not be doing well with work. Mel says that he pays her to do work. Then, Mel walks into his office and falls to the floor because he has back pain. When Joyce walks into his office, he stands up quickly and pretends that nothing is wrong.

In class, Joyce gets her grades and she has all A’s. Her teacher tells her that she is on her way to becoming a therapist. She has a look of horror on her face. She realizes that she doesn’t want to be a therapist.

At school, Henry tries to talk to the eighth graders. They show him a picture of a hot girl on his phone. When Henry looks, he finds that it is his mom. The eighth grader calls his mom a MILF. Runyen tells Henry that MILF stands for Mother I’d Like to Feel up. (MILF actually stands for Mother I’d Like to F-, but this is a family show.)

Joyce skips class goes to the movies. She unloads on Owen, the man taking the tickets. She tells him that she is skipping class and she doesn’t want to be a therapist. She said that she saw her life flash before her eyes and doesn’t want her life to be spoiled like that.

Mel and Henry go to get frozen yogurt and Henry finds that Katie got a job even though her father told her not to. Henry silently blackmails Katie as she uses an accent. Mel reaches in his pocket to get his wallet but can’t because his back hurts too bad. He doesn’t tell anyone and asks Henry if he will pay for it.

Mel realizes to relax, he needs to take a bath. Since his apartment doesn’t have a bathtub, he sneaks into Joyce’s house to take one. He feels completely relaxed.

At school, Henry stands up for his mother and nearly gets in a fight. The eighth grader tells him that they are going to fight. Henry freaks out. Runyen says that he will help to train him.

Henry comes home to find Mel and Elvis. Mel says that he had come over because Elvis was sprayed with a skunk and needed a bath. When Katie gets home, she lies about having a job. When Joyce gets home, she lies about school. Everyone is so worried about covering their own lies that they don’t realize that everyone else is a liar too.

Katie is not enjoying work. She believes that Anthony is being too hard on him. He reminds her that at work, they aren’t a couple.

At home, Henry is training for the fight. He pathetically tries to lift weights. He can’t. Runyen basically gives up on him.

Katie and Anthony go to the movies to find Joyce. She is telling Owen how she dropped out of school. Katie thinks it is because her family is having money trouble.

Joyce arrives home to find Mel in the bathroom. She sits and lets him talk it out. He realizes that he has too much stress in his life and needs to relax. Mel tells her that she would be a great therapist.

Mel goes back to work and is relaxed. When talking on the phone, he loses a big client because he isn’t tough. Joyce goes back to class but then realizes again that she doesn’t want to be a therapist. So, she drops out again. Runyen tells Henry to fight like a girl to win the fight. Then, trying to help him, Runyen accidentally punches Henry in the eye. Katie breaks up with Anthony because she’s trying to work and is confused about their relationship.

Everyone arrives home at the same time. Joyce tells Mel that she dropped out of school. When Joyce and Mel are talking in the bathroom, Henry and Katie arrive home. Henry tells Joyce that Katie got a job. Then, Mel opened up the shower curtain to yell that them.

Everyone admits their secrets. Mel accepts that he will have to have stress and back pain to help his family. He grounds Katie, takes video games from Henry and tells Joyce to put her life together. He then got his client back. And all was calm in the Fisher world.

Quote of the night:"Sometimes even the hardest rock can crumble." -Grown-up Henry, discussing how his father was a rock.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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