Gunfire continues in the Ukraine as insurgents battle Kiev’s interim government

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

The battle continues today in the Ukraine as more troops took arms against a pro-Russia militia occupying an eastern City. The battle is centered around Slovyansk, a city in which the armed insurgency is battling the new government in Kiev.

Government troops faced about 800 insurgents. The entire leadership of the local police had been sacked. Fighting is continuing at several sites around the city. Last week, anti-government forces stormed buildings, and at this point, local police have been “sacked,” according to the Associated Press.

Russia has condemned Ukraine’s security operations, and the city of Slovyansk is facing tighter security measures, as the battles involving pro-Russian separatists continue. Shifts are taking place in Slovyansk, as gunfire continues in the city center. Fewer people are moving in and out of the city, and there have been shortages in food, including grocery stores.

Meanwhile, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has sent a new special forces unit to Odessa to mobilize the area. Avakov said the “new Odessa force was based on civil activists who wanted to help the Black Sea city in these difficult days," according to Reuters.



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