'Hawaii Five-0' Season Four, Episode 21 Recap: 'Makani ‘Olu a Holo Malie' (Fair Winds and Following Seas)

By Cheryl Hollar,

The episode began with McGarrett and the gang playing poker at McGarrett’s house. While there, Catherine got a call from an old friend. McGarrett had to leave to go to a crime scene, where the victim, Bruce Palome, was killed by a guy on a motorcycle (according to a witness in a passing truck). The victim worked at Kuakini Medical Center, a transplant center. When they checked his car trunk, the team found evidence that an organ had been there and was stolen.

Back at HQ, Catherine told McGarrett she was going to Afghanistan, and she needed him to contact Joe White to help her make it happen. The call she got was from an old friend who helped her years before while she was on a recon surveillance mission. She had gotten injured, and this man, Amir, and his son saved her life and kept her safe until she had recovered from her injuries. Now, Amir needed her help. His son had been captured by the Taliban, either against his will or to be trained as a suicide bomber.

Danny and Chin, through a contact at Halawa, tracked down the only organ trafficker left on the Island, Leon Chase. He fit the profile of the killer, and he owned a bike. But Kono called and told them that HPD had examined the tires at the crime scene, and they did not belong to Chase’s bike. Besides, Chase’s phone records showed he was ordering take-out at the time of the murder.

McGarrett joined Catherine in Afghanistan. Right after their arrival and meeting with Amir’s wife, they went on search by horseback and found Amir, beaten and badly injured. They took him back home.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Kono learned that there were prints on the GPS found in Bruce’s car.

Back in Afghanistan, Amir told McGarrett his son had been taken by a splinter group whose leader was thought to be dead two years ago.

The print from the GPS led the team to a Jamie Kamaka, who had a record for assault and robbery and who owned a motorcycle. Chin found the missing organ at Jamie’s house. He also found a complete video recording of the crime. The file had been uploaded by Attis Chemical Company. Chin surmised that this was not a trafficking case at all. The recipient of the organ was an attorney who had a case against Attis Chemical. If the attorney died, the chemical company would be off the hook. The Team also found a wire transfer from the company to Jamie. Then, they made an impromptu visit to Attis, interrupted an important meeting, and proceeded to arrest the CEO and CFO.

Going on what Amir told McGarrett and Catherine, the pair researched possible locations of the splinter group. Catherine decided the group must have traveled along a certain road, based on rumors of a Taliban Camp location. She and McGarrett staged an area where a Taliban convoy would have to stop along this roadway. McGarrett pretended to be a shepherd to distract men in trucks, while Catherine freed children she found in the back of one of them. When one of those children fell, the members of the Taliban heard him, and McGarrett and Catherine were discovered. The children were freed, but McGarrett was captured.

At the Kuakini Medical Center, the transplant recipient received the organ just in time. As Danny and Grover were discussing this, Danny got a call from Catherine telling him McGarrett had been captured. She asked that he get in touch with Joe. Danny followed up, and a Navy SEAL team was sent in to get McGarrett.

By this time, McGarrett’s captors had learned he was a Navy SEAL. He was badly beaten and about to be killed when the SEALs burst through the doors to free him.

As Danny sat by McGarrett’s hospital bed at the SEAL base, the CIA entered and informed McGarrett that he must tell them who he came into the country with and how he got his intel. McGarrett said the Taliban beat him up pretty badly, and he couldn’t remember a thing.

Back at home, McGarrett got a call from Catherine, who told him she got a lead that the boy had been taken across the border. McGarrett knew she was going after him. The two tearfully said their goodbyes and he wished her God speed as the episode faded.

image courtesy of: Best Possible Screen Grab/CBS /©2014 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved



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