'I Wanna Marry 'Harry'' series premiere results in dissatisfaction

By Elizabeth Sudlow,

The premiere of Fox’s new television reality show, I Wanna Marry “Harry,” aired on May 20 with a simple plot; could a Prince Harry look-alike make an American girl fall for him?

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The Prince Harry look-alike (of 99 percent in his respect), named Matt Hicks, is on the search for true love and hopes this will be the opportunity to help him find “the one.” Twelve contestants (all from America, to be noted) are flown to England and housed in a gorgeous castle to participate in the dating game for his royal highness.

Yet the reality is none of the girls are aware of "Harry’s" true self. And with that lies the issue that many are finding with the new reality series.

The Daily Beast reports that the premise of the show is entirely overdone and tells readers that, “If you wanna watch Harry, you’ll only get an uninspired retread of a once-revelatory idea.” Not the most inspiring for avid reality show watchers to go off on.

For those who have been keeping up with the show, the first girl to be eliminated, Leah Thom of Fort Worth, Texas, recalled the experience to People as, “kind of like speed dating of the worst kind because there is only one guy and 12 women.”

Yet this was only the premiere and definitely has potential to take off from here so give it a chance and see if any of the girls really want to marry "Harry."

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