Illinois woman admits to huffing, running over family

By Michelle Kapusta,

An Illinois woman has admitted to huffing computer cleaner before running over a family and killing a five-year-old child.

ABC 7 reported that Carly Rousso plead guilty to reckless homicide on Tuesday, but not to an aggravated DUI charge stemming from the September 2012 accident.

NBC Chicago noted that Rousso’s taped confession and graphic video surveillance of the crash were played in court.

After the footage was shown, prosecutors outlined the heartbreaking details of the now 19-year-old’s alleged actions.

"Instead of waiting the ten or so minutes it would have taken her into the comfort of her own home where the ingestion of this intoxicating compound would have hurt no one but herself, she decided to get her high right in the parking lot of Walgreens," said Michael Ori, Assistant State's Attorney.

The prosecution said that Rousso began to drive, but allegedly lost consciousness and control of the vehicle. The car then allegedly jumped the curb and rolled over the Sacramento family several times, killing five-year-old Jaclyn Santos-Sacramento and injuring her two infant brothers and mother.

Rousso’s attorneys have said that the keyboard cleaner is not listed as an intoxicating compound in the state, but prosecutors have not budged on the aggravated DUI charge. If she is convicted of that charge she faces up to 14 years in prison.



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