Indiana hospital workers test negative after MERS scare

By Michelle Kapusta,

Workers at a hospital in Munster, Indiana are breathing a sigh of relief on Tuesday after they tested negative for the MERS virus.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Indiana has declared the MERS scare over and dozens of health care professionals were told they could return to work after they tested negative for the deadly virus. A patient showed up at a hospital there earlier this month with the virus.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the case was the first in the U.S.

The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome was identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012. The patient in Indiana is believed to have contracted the virus while overseas.

USA Today noted that on Monday, the CDC was working with Florida health officials to investigate a second reported case in Orlando.

The CDC said that the virus source may have come from a camel and now can be spread between humans who have had close contact. Some of the symptoms include fever, kidney failure, pneumonia and shortness of breath.

There is no known cure for the MERS virus.



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