Jeep plans to expand globally and double sales by 2018

By Angelica Stephens ,

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is hoping to increase Jeep sales to 1.9 million across the globe by 2018.

The company hopes to see its global sales increase from 4.4 million to 6 million throughout the next five years and will be using Jeep as its main tool. In order to reach this goal, Fiat Chrysler will begin producing Jeeps outside of the U.S.

“This alone represents one of the greatest opportunities the Jeep brand has had in recent history," Jeep CEO Michael Manley said Tuesday, reports The Wall Street Journal.

The company also will be opening over 1,300 car dealerships around the world with the hope that sales will increase by 4 million. As part of the five-year plan, Jeep will also be introducing six different models.

According toForbes, Jeep began its series of new models with the Jeep Renegade this year. In 2016, Jeep will add a small SUV to its line of vehicles that will be similar to previous models such as the Patriot. Jeep plans to come out with two more updated models in 2017 and will introduce the three-row Grand Wagoneer in 2018.

Back in the U.S., Fiat Chrysler plans to compete with other automobile companies by adding new vehicles to its Chrysler line.

Chief Executive Sergio Marchionne will continue to unravel the five-year plan for Jeep and all of its vehicles today in Auburn Hills, Michigan, the Fiat Chrysler headquarters. "In a flat world, you can't be secure in your home market if you aren't able to compete in others," Marchionne said.



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