Jeffrey Katzenberg promotes DreamWorks at the Cannes Film Festival

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Jeffery Katzenberg has a lot to say while attending the Cannes Film Festival.

"It feels pretty surreal because I don't feel like it's 20 years," says Katzenberg, according to Associated Press. "We're so much a work-in-progress it doesn't feel like a milestone, in a way. If anything, it feels like the end of act one in a three-act play. We right now, more than any time, have so much opportunity ahead of us."

Over twenty years at Cannes, Katzenberg has taken the opportunity to do quite a bit. The festival comes before the release of summer films, and Katzenberg has been glad over the years to take the time to bring attention to 3-D films and summer releases.

As digital media becomes more ubiquitous, Katzenberg is glad to describe how DreamWorks is in the lead, according to CinemaBlend. DreamWorks is also expanding on YouTube, and has acquired the YouTube network, AwesomenessTV. They have also made a deal with Netflix to provide 300 hours of exclusive programming based on characters from DreamWorks Animation.



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