Jessie Eisenberg talks about his upcoming role in 'Batman vs. Superman'

By Chelsea Lewis ,

Warner Bros. set the comic book fan universe into an Internet frenzy when they announced that the main villain in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman, Lex Luthor, would be played by Jessie Eisenberg.

In a recent interview with MTV, Eisenberg opened up about his role in the film and how he is preparing to bring this character to life on the big screen.

“The character is, luckily, a really great character. Actors can sometimes find really cool things in characters that aren’t written well. This character is written really well," explained Eisenberg.

The Double star explained that it is important for him to help promote some of his other projects including The Double and Night Moves as opposed to this upcoming film because they have so much money behind marketing.

“For a movie like ‘The Double or ‘Night Moves,’ arguably me doing interviews for it is much more important for it than doing an interview for Batman, because there’s not that much money for posters,” Eisenberg explained, “Whereas for Batman, if I was in a coma after it was filmed… So i don’t really see it as that different," said Eisenberg.

In another interview with IGN, Eisenberg said that he would start working on this film next month.

Eisenberg's recent film The Double will be released on May 30.



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